Custom Seminars and Webinars on Industry Issues and Technologies
  • Interactive, seminars and webinars on cloud computing, 4th generation mobile services, industry issues and structures, and broadband networks, for carriers, equipment and service providers, investment firms, utilities and industry associations.
Needs Assessments
  • Analysis of telephone system requirements for all sizes and types of organizations including single site and multi-site companies
  • Assessments on the growth potential and utilization of on-site telephone systems the requirement for peripheral services such as call center and wireless telephones
IP PBX and Unified Communications
  • Review vendor proposals and recommend systems that most closely match client needs
  • Expertise includes IP PBX and automatic call distribution systems
Recommendation of Network Services and IP PBXs
  • Preparation and issuance of requests for proposals
  • Evaluation of responses, with analysis of pricing, service and scalability
Carrier Bill Audits and Analysis
  • Billing audits to ensure that customers are not overcharged for T-1, local and Gigabit Ethernet services
  • Negotiations with carriers on credits, adjustments and bill corrections
Evaluation of Mobile Services
  • Examination and recommendations on cellular carriers based on network quality, features, pricing and billing policies
Analysis of Mobile Management Offerings
  • Analysis of services provided to manage provisioning mobile devices
  • Study of reports provided to monitor usage and costs